Literacy Connexus
Literacy Connexus
Literacy Connexus

Helping churches
help people with
literacy needs.

Literacy Connexus provides resources within a Christian context to allow church communities to share the gift of literacy with all who seek it. Our vision is to enable churches to respond to literacy needs in Texas and beyond through:

  • providing effective training and resources
  • encouraging and equipping families to read to their children--especially those families in poverty
  • welcoming the stranger through English as a second language ministries
  • making connections between community and church-based literacy providers
  • advocating for persons with literacy needs and for the ministries that address those needs

Join Us!


Advocate in your church and community for those who struggle with literacy needs.

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Books for the Border and Beyond

Involve your church in a Books for the Border and Beyond project.

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Church and Community

Join in adult literacy education as a church- or community-based ministry opportunity.

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