Igniting Hope in Amarillo

Thank you, Texas Baptists men and women, for showing up in force to support the Books for the Border & Beyond preschool reading fair at City Church, Amarillo. Your enthusiasm for the project blessed 26 children, and equipped parents and families to read together at home.

Thank you, City Church, for allowing us the opportunity to serve alongside of you for one morning. Your ongoing ministry to the people of Amarillo inspires us.

At the reading fair, children progressed through three stations where they picked out books, were read to by  volunteers, and each picked out a colorful wooden bookcase to decorate with stickers. The children toted their books in cloth bags, funded by the Mary Hill Davis Offering for Texas Missions.

Literacy Connexus places books and Bibles in homes to encourage and equip parents to read to their children, and to give families access to God’s Word.

Our mission is helping churches help people with literacy needs.

We appreciate all who helped accomplish this mission in Amarillo.



I Joined Literacy Connexus . . .

My involvement in ESL ministry started with an invitation to “check us out.

I had heard of internationals inside of their homes not having English to aid in shopping for groceries, helping with their children’s schooling, or making new friends. I had heard of refugees landing in our country and not knowing what to do with a stove or a refrigerator.  I felt God easing me into doing exactly what he needed, and showing me how to get involved.

It has been a blessing for over twenty-five years  to see changed lives in students that have become Christians and citizens, learned to drive and start businesses, and even published cook books.  Equally so, it has been exciting to see volunteers come into this ministry where they can make a difference and help change lives .

My involvement has been as teacher, director, San Antonio Baptist Association consultant, and ESL teacher/trainer for Literacy Connexus.

Dora Parnell
First Baptist Church San Antonio

Baptist Boys Build Bookcases

The RA’s of First Baptist Church Copperas Cove powered up their drills Wednesday night and assembled bookcases for preschoolers in Amarillo. In just over half an hour, 16 bookcases stood tall, adding to others built by the 5th and 6th grade boys’ Connection Group.

Twenty-six bookcases and beginning home libraries will be given to children and their families at a family reading fair at City Church on October 25. First Baptist Church’s Just Over Youth (J.O.Y.) group donated new and used story books for the event.

Boys + power drills = chaos






Join us . . .

At one time, the measure of a class in English (or French or Spanish) as a second language was, “What do I know that I didn’t know before?” A better way to evaluate the experience is, “What can I do that I couldn’t do before?” For example, one ESL lesson might equip a student to make an appointment with a doctor. Another lesson might lead to parent-teacher conference participation at a local school. Using the pragmatic approach, effective ESL teachers impart both information and real life skills.

Similarly, effective websites offer information and application. As such, the new Literacy Connexus website provides information to help churches help people with literacy needs, and, at the same time, is a tool for accomplishing the task. Take a tour and learn how to:

  • Build a bookcase
  • Find local literacy resources
  • Start a church-based literacy ministry
  • Identify local and national legislators
  • Impact your community 50 ways through literacy
  • Advocate for persons with low literacy
  • Pursue English as a Second Language training
  • Donate
  • Organize a family reading fair
  • Connect with others involved in literacy ministry

Join Literacy Connexus in making a difference. Visit us often and get involved!