Running for Robin

Last year I came in second in the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon. But I did not get special recognition–it was second to last. A beautiful 13.1 mile trip around the LSU lakes, but a slow one. This year I’m determined to do better. Much better. I’m motivated, and you can add to that motivation.

This year I’ll be running for Robin (Feistel) and all who do ESL ministry in churches in Texas. We are aiming to raise $5,000 to replenish the Robin Feistel Memorial Fund and to support ESL volunteer teacher training. (Last year 377 volunteers were trained using Robin’s TEX–Teaching English with Excellence.)

That’s where you come in. Would you pledge a penny, a nickel, a dime or a dollar for each person I pass doing the half marathon in Baton Rouge on December 3rd? Here’s a link to race results for 2015 to give you some perspective on your pledge. (I’m hoping to pass at least 75 of the estimated 400 race participants.)

Here’s some added incentive. An anonymous donor has offered to match donations up to $2,500–half our goal of $5,000!

It’s simple to pledge. Just contact us with your amount. Race results will be available in a few weeks.

Your gift will be tax deductible and support ESL ministries like the one described above at FBC Marble Falls.