I Joined Literacy Connexus . . .

My involvement in ESL ministry started with an invitation to “check us out.

I had heard of internationals inside of their homes not having English to aid in shopping for groceries, helping with their children’s schooling, or making new friends. I had heard of refugees landing in our country and not knowing what to do with a stove or a refrigerator.  I felt God easing me into doing exactly what he needed, and showing me how to get involved.

It has been a blessing for over twenty-five years  to see changed lives in students that have become Christians and citizens, learned to drive and start businesses, and even published cook books.  Equally so, it has been exciting to see volunteers come into this ministry where they can make a difference and help change lives .

My involvement has been as teacher, director, San Antonio Baptist Association consultant, and ESL teacher/trainer for Literacy Connexus.

Dora Parnell
First Baptist Church San Antonio

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