LEARN for LIfe

“After a lifetime of volunteer work for a lot of different organizations, LEARN for Life is the best volunteer work I could ever do. It is incredibly uplifting, incredibly grounding to find out where someone came from and what their life has been like. I learn as much from my student as she does from me.

An adult who loves to read might consider becoming a volunteer like me. If you’re a reader, you can do it. That’s what got me into it in the first place. I could never imagine not being able to read.”


LEARN for Life Tutor, 2016-present

Teaching Adults to Read

LEARN for Life is a one-on-one volunteer tutoring program designed to improve adult literacy skills. 

About The Program

Since 2014, LEARN for Life has served adults in our community whose reading skills are low enough to present a barrier to their reaching personal goals as well as making progress in education and employment. These adults are driven by the desire to improve their employment or seek further education, to help their children in school, or to meet other personal needs such as reading the Bible.

Who We Serve

LEARN for Life serves students who are generally proficient English speakers. Most are native English speakers who need help in reading and spelling. Some may have different native languages but lack the ability to read well in English. Our students have basic reading skills but need to progress to a higher level of proficiency.

Our Volunteers

Interested in becoming a volunteer? We offer comprehensive training so that you will be prepared. All that is required is a love of reading and a desire to serve. Tutors are mentored in the process of meeting the unique needs of each adult.

What does LEARN stand for?

Literacy Education and Reading Network

Where needed, our students are connected to other classes through our Tarrant County Adult Education and Literacy Consortium (TCAELC) or other appropriate community resources. Underlying all our work is our connection with other local and state programs to collaborate, participate in continuing professional development, and remain aware of progress in the field.

OUR Coordinators

Coordinators for this all-volunteer program are Joan Grigsby and Linda Waggoner.

A JOINT Venture

This program is offered jointly by Literacy ConneXus and the Tarrant Literacy Coalition.