TECS (Teaching English Connects US) Training

A goal of Literacy Connexus is to help people understand and appreciate the richness that diversity brings to Texas. We want to show the love of Christ to every English learner.

Karen Peiser

ESL Coordinator

About TECS Training


What is TECS training?

TECs stands for Teaching English Connects Us. We offer high-quality training for persons teaching English in church and community based programs.


Who should attend TECS training?

TECs prepares volunteers who have not had formal training or experience and do not speak the language(s) of their students, to teach English to international adults. The main criterion for prospective teachers is a willingness to be trained to help foreign-language speakers learn English in a hospitable environment. 


When do TECS trainings occur?

Training typically occurs on Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon and provides participants with a wealth of information, resources, and ongoing support. While we are open to conducting a training at any point throughout the year, the most common time to schedule is at the beginning of the semester–either in January or in August/September. Check our Events for upcoming training opportunities.


Where does a TECS training take place?

A TECs training occurs at a host church who has committed to provide the space for the training. Literacy Connexus then advertises the training so that other churches in the area can register, too. If your church is interested in hosting, please reach out to Karen Peiser at karen@literacyconnexus.org.


What happens in TECS training?

Engaging English Learners 101 is our standard training. This training is offered in a hybrid format. Upon registration, participants receive a link to an online classroom where they can watch 3 hours of video-based content created by our TECs trainers. Participants are asked to complete the online portion prior to attending the in-person portion of the training. The in-person portion lasts 4 hours, and is a highly interactive, fast-paced environment where teachers experience first-hand a wide range of instructional strategies that they can use in their ESL classrooms. 


How much does TECs training cost? 

Engaging English Learners 101 costs $25 per participant.


What is the difference between Basic Training and Extended Training? 

Engaging English Learners 101 is intended for those who are new to teaching ESL or those who have never received any formal training in teaching English learners. The goal of the basic training is to ensure that teachers feel comfortable and confident in delivering an effective and engaging lesson. 

We also offer Extended Training opportunities for those who would like to go more in-depth. These topics include: 

  • Cross Cultural Witnessing
  • Higher Level Students
  • Pronunciation
  • Reading and Writing

Please reach out to us if you would like to host an Extended Training session for your volunteers!


Meet our Trainers

We have a dedicated team of volunteers around the state who will travel to your area to conduct a training for your ESL ministry. Click here to learn more about the trainers in your area!

Get Teaching Tips

Need ideas to make your class more interactive?

Our TECs trainers regularly update a blog with creative and timely ideas for your ESL classroom.

We also send out a monthly newsletter that features Karen’s Comments, an article written to church-based ESL teachers by seasoned instructor/program director Karen Peiser.

Start an ESL Ministry

Literacy Connexus offers a checklist for starting an ESL ministry. This 20-step checklist is intended to help churches develop their individual programs. For additional information, contact karen@literacyconnexus.org.

Become a TECs Trainer

We are always looking for qualified ESL Ministry directors and teachers who are interested in becoming trainers. In our  apprenticeship program, experienced trainers mentor the next generation of trainers. The apprenticeship takes 1-2 years. For additional information, contact Karen Peiser at karen@literacyconnexus.org.