We are on the move.

As committed as ever to the needs of those along the border, we’re acknowledging that poverty exists beyond that region and throughout our state. Hence, and Beyond added to our moniker.

We’re matching, stride-for-stride, the direction of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Together for Hope rural poverty initiative, in which our ministry is embedded. Initially focused on America’s 20 poorest counties, Together for Hope leads participating churches, groups, and individuals toward gaining a greater awareness of our biblical mandate concerning the poor, and implementing those lessons-learned in each home community.

As we move forward in 2012, addressing literacy needs on the border and in our own backyards, we fervently solicit your ideas for project expansion and effectiveness. Peruse our December 28, 2011 newsletter for more on the specific points we are pondering.

Here are a few of the exciting responses we’ve received so far:

  • The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina is gearing up for their first Family Literacy Fair. They asked three churches to build 10 bookcases each, and had another church catch the enthusiasm and build 10 more.
  • A  Youth Leadership group in South Carolina donated $900 to buy health literacy books, Bible coloring books, and book bags. The youth have volunteered to help conduct the Literacy Fair.
  • A South Carolina ladies’ missions group donated funds and books for the Literacy Fair. When one participant realized the children’s Bible she had brought was the Books for the Border and Beyond-recommended edition, she determined to buy 35 more for the project.
  • Literacy First, Conroe, TX, gave bags of books to each child of the adult students in their ESL and GED classes this month. They provided additional bagfuls to Buckner Ministry’s Family Place.
  • First Baptist Church Conroe got in on the action by contributing the homemade book bags.
  • Habitat for Humanity in Conroe is adding bookshelves to new homes; Literacy First stocks them with books.
  • Literacy First, Conroe, provides mentors to a nearby lower-income middle school,  and uses the opportunity to place books in the hands of students.
  • Gideons International of Conroe has provided bilinear Bibles to the adults in the Literacy First program.

Inspire us with tales of literacy efforts in your community!