Collaborate with other churches to minister to both the literacy and nutritional needs of children in the community.

Do you remember the story last summer about Agape Baptist Church in Cleburne ?  Pastor Julio Robles stepped up to the plate when he learned of an opportunity to provide breakfast and lunch for hungry children in Cleburne.  The church partnered with others to address educational and spiritual needs of children as well as the physical need for food.


The emphasis today is planning.

From a FaceBook post yesterday:   Literacy ConneXus has offered to work with Summer Meals Sponsors to get them books that they can use for activities at their summer meals sites. The goal is to create a Summer Reading Club at the meal sites, help children with their reading skills and increase program participation. Literacy ConneXus book banks provide books for programs that share books with children and youth. Thank you Literacy ConneXus for your partnership and support. If you would like to get more info please contact Marty Otero, Child Hunger Outreach Specialist at:

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The Texas Hunger Initiative  has twelve regional sites.  Literacy Connexus has three book banks.  Do the math, friends.  We need help!  More books.  More book banks.  Ten planners signed up yesterday for books in Fort Worth.  We’ll need donations by June 1. 

Confident that God will provide.


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