Focus on the word computer.  Expand thinking.  Think more as in broadband and computer.  We’ll get to financial education next time.

100 million Americans lack broadband at home.  Imagine that.  You are not among them.  If it’s sad (and it is) that many families lack books at home, consider life without computers.  Wait, don’t go down that road. They’re here to stay.  But consider the digital divide.  Homes lacking access to broadband often lack computers as well.  Children who lack access to computers and the internet at home are at a decided disadvantage with their peers.  Youth and adults seeking employment face a hurdle if they can’t access the internet at home.  Families in need of benefits such as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or food stamps) can’t enroll at home without a computer.  It’s a big disadvantage not to have a computer and broadband at home.

computer cartoon

Good news.  Today is Digital Learning Day.  You can learn more at DIGITAL LEARNING DAY.

And you can help persons in your community cross the digital divide via a new program known as Everyone On.  See EVERYONE ON.  Help is available for those lacking technical expertise, and there are programs to assist low-income individuals with internet at reduced costs and refurbished computers.

Add computer literacy to your literacy ministry portfolio.  ESL students can extend their learning via helpful websites at home.  So many applications . . . what will you do?