It’s never too late to recognize hard work. Especially if it involves celebrating the achievement of a milestone like graduation. We did that last Sunday at Western Hills Baptist Church for three high school grads. One of them was Shelby Ferguson. I remember when she was born. Now Shelby is headed to college at Centenary in Louisiana. Her parents Pam and Ray have raised her well. Provided opportunities and encouragement along the way. We’re proud of you Shelby!

You may remember Shelby from our newsletter in 2011. She was a part of a team that provided beginning home libraries to families in Eagle Pass. Do you remember Shelby’s reflections about that trip?

Shelby then and now--large print

The youth that she overheard talking about low literacy skills have not had the advantages so many take for granted. I wonder if either of those girls will be walking across a stage this spring? Let’s hope that seeds planted in Eagle Pass and elsewhere through Books for the Border and Beyond will impact future graduations in Texas and elsewhere.

Celebrate graduates. Pat them on the back. Pray for them. Ask them about their plans for the future. Plant seeds for future graduations.

We have been blessed to be a blessing…