Frank Laubach believed anybody could become somebody if they learned how to read. He was a leader in the field of ministry to internationals and desired every church member have an international vision. His brilliance in creating reading methods adaptable to every language on the planet netted extraordinary results when prayer became the theme of his life.

Frank C. Laubach: Man of Faith by Gregory Lawson is the inspiring account of Laubach’s impact on the world. His Each One Teach One method, designed to “put Christ in the hearts of students while putting knowledge in their heads,” set the standard for worldwide literacy instruction in the 1930s, and is still widely used today.

Read Lawson’s account of Laubach’s struggle and eventual victory in the arena of Christian faith and practice. The book will inspire those who appreciate Laubach’s contribution to world literacy, even as it will call to action those who seek practical expression of Christian witness in a hurting world.

We are indebted to Carolyn Porterfield, interim director of WMU of Texas, for creating the online version of this book. Thanks to her thoughtful and diligent service, many will have the opportunity to meet Frank Laubach and become inspired by his life of faith.

Frank Laubach