Good Afternoon from Literacy Connexus everyone! I hope everyone is in good faith and good health. Today, I will keep our blog post short and sweet.

A commentary on modern day luddites

This post goes out to all of our luddites. Does technology give you the ick? Do you accidentally hit reply all to every email? Did you spend several months thinking that LOL meant lots of love? Are you generally opposed to new technology and apps because the old ones aren’t broken? If so then you may be a luddite, and in today’s world of virtual education you may have found yourself in a pickle. Especially if you have a big heart and a great calling for teaching ESL but also enjoy not having Covid-19, not having to quarantine, and generally being safe.

Many of us last year ended up online in efforts to reach our students, but if technology isn’t your thing – that may have been a mighty big jump. But fear not luddites, because I have something that may help – tutorials. *YAY!*

I intend on making this a series, but for today we’ll start off nice and easy with Google Classroom. Now Google Classroom is a great resource whether you’re face to face or virtual. I like to post material, homework assignments, resources for students, and notes in my Google Classroom. It’s just one convenient place to keep all of my class related stuff for my students where they can access it on their own terms, and their own time.

Right now if you’re thinking, Taynim I would rather run unmasked through Costco on Saturday afternoon than to try to figure out Google Classroom, fret not, because as I said – I have tutorials. Woohoo! GFCLearnFree.Org has created a ton of free tutorials on technology related programs, and today I am going to share their Google Classroom series with you all.

So what are you waiting for? Oh me – that’s right! Click here to learn everything from getting started to communicating with students.

If you have any questions about Google Classroom, send them to We’d love to help! Until next time, blessings and happy teaching!