Advocacy is speaking up for someone else.  Literacy Connexus advocates for persons with literacy needs,  sometimes through the legislative process and sometimes by raising awareness in churches and communities. We stand shoulder to shoulder with adult learners, churches, and literacy coalitions across the state and nation, to make a difference in the lives of people who struggle with literacy issues.

Through advocacy, we seek to:

  • Bring attention and assistance to many in our state/country who lack basic education:
    • High school dropouts–estimated rate as high as 33% in Texas
    • Persons who do not speak English
    • Children who do not have books at home
  • Raise awareness of church-based literacy ministries:
    • Importance and effectiveness of this community outreach
    • Funding needed
    • Resources to promote and recruit volunteers
    • Need for more GED classes

We support efforts to pass comprehensive immigration on the national level. We promote English language and literacy ministry as an effective way to reach all who are strangers among us. 

Current Issues

Immigration Service and Aid Center (ISAAC)

The Evangelical Immigration Table

In 2011, Hispanic students accounted for more than half of the state’s public school enrollment, placing that population in the majority for the first time. The continuing growth of the Hispanic sector requires serious reform in Texas’ education system to eliminate the economic, language and technology-access barriers for Spanish-speaking children.

We agree with recently approved Texas legislation allowing additional funding to go to school districts that adopt certain curriculum and teacher quality standards in their pre-kindergarten programs, creating  high-quality, gold standard programs for educating our most vulnerable children. 


How might you get involved?

Encourage awareness of ethnic diversity in your community, and the accompanying needs of non-English speakers and readers.

Be a voice in your church for the 4.2 million across Texas who lack the literacy skills to earn a living or study a Bible. Promote adult literacy and ESL classes to your church as a means of ministering to families in your neighborhood.

Know the issues and understand the legislative process. Send letters/emails to local, state and federal elected officials.