Insight from ISAAC

Greetings to our friends of Literacy Connexus from the Immigration Service and Aid Center (ISAAC)!  We are grateful for our partnership and for the many opportunities the Lord provides to us in order to serve our communities.

You may have heard in the news about people from Syria fleeing their country due to violence, war and terror, as well as the debate in both Europe and our nation about whether we should accept any of them as refugees into our country.

Keep in mind that our Lord and Savior was once a refugee!  No sooner had Jesus arrived on our planet than an evil king by the name of Herod, who feared him as a threat to his power, was trying to get him killed.  His parents had to flee to Egypt with baby Jesus in order to protect him.

The ISAAC Project is a ministry of Texas Baptists that focuses on equipping churches and non-profit organizations to love and care for the immigrant community. We provide unbiased immigration information from a Christian perspective. Through its relationships with other literacy organizations, ISAAC can help your church find the training and resources it needs to set up an ESL, citizenship or other literacy ministries.

ISAAC also offers quality legal counseling and services at an affordable price to the immigrant community in San Antonio, Texas. We provide training to church representatives and non-profit staff in order to prepare them for recognition and accreditation from the Board of Immigration Appeals, should their goal be to bless their immigrant communities by providing these legal services.

Jesús Romero || Director
Immigration Service and Aid Center (ISAAC)
8019 S Pan Am Expressway
San Antonio, TX 78224
(O) 210.924.4338 x347
(C) 210.633.6257

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