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On weeks alternating with the Literacy Connexus newsletter (as in this one) we’ll begin a series of blogs – “web logs” – related to the work of Literacy Connexus.  Rather than reflecting on the universe at large or generally random topics, our goal (Lester, Pam, and guest bloggers) will be to draw back the curtain and share something of the movement and progression of our work in literacy in Texas and beyond.

Literacy Connexus is in the middle of the late summer training events for ESL (English for Speakers of Other Languages).  Our website lists workshops from Fort Worth to Houston to San Antonio and more.  These workshops are known as TEX (Teaching English with Excellence) trainings.  Experienced ESL  program leaders give their time to train volunteers to teaching English to beginning students.  Robin Feistel developed TEX over several years and is the ESL Coordinator for Literacy Connexus.

Sunday, September 8, is International Literacy Daya very important observance for those in the literacy field.  But did you know that Thursday, September 19, is Talk Like a Pirate Day?  Special emphasis days and months are not in short supply.  They focus brief attention on things that are important – at least to calendar makers.  Because you are reading this, I’m guessing that literacy is important to you (at least more than talking like a pirate).  So, gentle reader, as you contemplate International Literacy Day, what’s in your library?


Lester Meriwether

Online Support at Literacy Connexus ESL Google Group

Come Discover Our ESL Community Ministry

If you have ever wished for answers to questions about your ESL ministry, ever felt alone or under appreciated, or ever wished you had a way to pass along your knowledge and experience to other ESL teachers or directors, then this is the place for you.

Literacy Connexus is now hosting an un-moderated discussion forum (or blog if you prefer).  The idea is for our experienced trainers, teachers and ESL program administrators to actively participate in discussions to share information and encouragement.  Our hope is that teachers and administrators can visit this forum and learn about what others are doing, what is working, and what might be worth a try.

If you haven’t seen the new ESL group website, please come and check it out.  Only members are allowed to post, so by all means, if you have not joined – what are you waiting for?! Contact us now to be added to our growing list of members, and discover an online connection with ESL workers across the state.  We hope to see you soon!


Join us . . .

At one time, the measure of a class in English (or French or Spanish) as a second language was, “What do I know that I didn’t know before?” A better way to evaluate the experience is, “What can I do that I couldn’t do before?” For example, one ESL lesson might equip a student to make an appointment with a doctor. Another lesson might lead to parent-teacher conference participation at a local school. Using the pragmatic approach, effective ESL teachers impart both information and real life skills.

Similarly, effective websites offer information and application. As such, the new Literacy Connexus website provides information to help churches help people with literacy needs, and, at the same time, is a tool for accomplishing the task. Take a tour and learn how to:

  • Build a bookcase
  • Find local literacy resources
  • Start a church-based literacy ministry
  • Identify local and national legislators
  • Impact your community 50 ways through literacy
  • Advocate for persons with low literacy
  • Pursue English as a Second Language training
  • Donate
  • Organize a family reading fair
  • Connect with others involved in literacy ministry

Join Literacy Connexus in making a difference. Visit us often and get involved!

Welcome to Literacy Connexus!

We are experiencing a season of building. The WMU and Sisters Who Care built almost 100 bookcases for Books for the Border projects on two separate weekends this year. Royal Ambassadors, churches, and other groups are building hundreds more. We’ve built up stores of books for beginning home libraries, thanks to contributions by the Texas Baptist Church Weekday Education Association and others. And, we’re building partnerships with both faith- and community-based organizations, enabling us to participate in more programs which put books into the hands of families in need.

At the same time, we’re building on a strong foundation—to make it even stronger—on the ESL side of our ministry. ESL Coordinator/Trainer, Robin Feistel, provided seven sessions of new ESL teacher training across the state over the summer. Training opportunities for early 2012 are already in the works.

Finally, we are building a social media platform. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we put the word out regarding current projects and events—opportunities for you to join. And, lastly, in partnership with Andrew Maddox, aimdigitalmedia, we built this new website. Snoop around and tell us what you think!